Recent projects and collaborations

Second Opinion.
Combating fake news

Second Opinion is a project to help combat the spread of "fake news", in collaboration with Kamenko Kesar, Alex Guzenko, Gal Jakič and supported by the Information Society Development Foundation in Warsaw.

Second Opinion screenshot

A smart editor for journalists

Particle is a project to create an open source smart editor for investigative journalism being developed with Krystina Shveda and Martín González.

Particle screenshot

Audio transcription and translation

Mercury is a web based tool for easily creating news video packages and translating videos into multiple languages using synthesized voices audio or new audio recorded in the browser, supported by funding from the Google Digital News Initiative.

Mercury screenshot

Questions and answers for news

Upsum is a structured journalism driven project led by Giles Wilson (creator of the BBC Magazine) to answer questions people have about the news as accurately, quickly and simply as possible.

Upsum screenshot

Interactive fact cards for news

We created a custom card-driven linked-data CMS, backend and web page plug-in for Explaain, which news site owners can use to create link to explainer cards to help inform users about complex topics.

Explaain screenshot